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Admob to stop publishing mobile web ads; try out ZestADZ Mobile Advertising

We heard the news a few days back that Admob is going to stop publishing mobile web ads. It would essentially mean that mobile web developers would need to use Adsense to publish ads on mobile.

While Adsense is a great platform, it is still a new platform on mobile.  We believe that there will be some difference  between how Admob worked (as a company, its API) and the support it gave developers vis-a-vis the new offering.

So here’s our offer – please try ZestADZ for monetizing your mobile website.  And why should you use us?

- Superb Self Service Platform

- Truly transparent / open in sharing the Campaign information, click prices, actual performances through reports and API.  See http://zestadz.com/static/publisher_api,  http://www.zestadz.com/static/approve_ads

- Wide sales reach, 220 people in over 12 countries. See the post of our upcoming blog about this information.

- Real time analytics – again – see the upcoming post about this.

- Superb customer support: We will be available over the phone or via email. We will always respond to your queries. If you violate our terms, we will not ban you and simply block your account depriving your hard earned money.

Meet us at 2011 Heartland Mobile Council Mobile University in Chicago on Sept 22, 2011

We will be attending the 2011 Heartland Mobile Council Mobile University on
Thursday, September 22 – 23, 2011 in Chicago, IL.

The Heartland Mobile Council™ (HMC) is a Chicago-based non-profit organization whose mission is to educate brands on how to use mobile marketing effectively.

The event is being held at  610 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605.

Meet us to understand the kinds of mobile ad campaigns that ZestADZ has executed and the abilities that ZestADZ offers to advertisers and agencies. Please send us a note to advertiser [at] zesetdz.com or to salih [at] zestadz.com to setup a meeting.

For more information on Heartland Mobile Council, please visit http://heartlandmobilecouncil.org/

For more information on ZestADZ, please visit us at http://zestadz.com / http://komli.com


Presentation: The Future of Mobile Advertising

Recently – we presented at Mobile Beat – App World 2011 at Hyderabad about the future of Mobile Advertising. The presentation was received well by the audience who comprised of the mobile app developer community in India.

We are sharing this presentation here for your reference.

We value your feedback: Share us your feedback on our thoughts on the future of Mobile Advertising Industry by tweeting to us on http://zestadz.com/twitter, messaging on our FB page http://www.facebook.com/pages/ZestADZ-Mobile-Advertising/339252537431  or by emailing Kevin at kevin@zestadz.com

Meet us Mobile Monday – Chennai & Bangalore

We are organizing / participating in Mobile Monday Chennai & Mumbai, the details of which are available below. The dates have been confirmed tentatively, please RSVP the Facebook page to get updates on speaker, topics etc.

Mobile Monday Mumbai
Date:  Saturday, 24th Sept 2011 between 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM
Location: Komli Media Office in Mumbai
Crystal Plaza, 158, CST Road, Kalina,
Santacruz East, Mumbai – 400 098

Mobile Monday Chennai
Date: Saturday, 17h Sept 2011 between 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM
Location: The Startup Centre
#45 Montieth Road, Alsa Mall, S-4, Second Floor,
Egmore Chennai – 600 008

Meet us at The Mobile Beat India – App World 2011

We will be attending the event -” The  Mobile Beat India – App world 2011″ and speaking at the event about the following topic – “The Future of Mobile Advertising Networks”. The event is being held at Taj Deccan on the 29th August 2011.

It is an exciting topic where we will share our vision of the future of mobile advertising networks.

For more information on the event, visit http://www.tavess.com/AppWorld2011/index.html. We will post our slides soon after the event.

New Data Center in Chicago plus We’re at 6 Billion Impressions a Month..

We are happy to announce that in April, we setup an additional data center in Chicago. This data center was setup so that we can have additional capacity (in ad serving and data processing) and also because we did not want to have a single point of failure at one data center.

We have been using the new data center for hosting some of our apps, the most important of which is the ZestADZ Mobile Analytics (http://analytics.zestadz.com).  We will begin ad serving from this data center shortly enabling distributed ad serving.

With this new data center – what we have is increased capacity to process more ads, redundancy and an improvement in the overall quality of service / up-times provided.

6 billion impressions a month
We are also happy to announce that we are currently delivering over 6 billion impressions a month.  We’ve grown 300% in terms of traffic compared to the same duration last year. We’re hoping to double this in the next couple of months. Hoping that we have the support of global mobile publishers.

More updates coming up
We have exciting new updates coming up, so keep watching this page.

Technology Presentation: Memcached

At ZestADZ, we’re extremely passionate about technology and believe in using the best open source technologies to deliver a great mobile advertising experience.

Memcached is one such open source project that we believe in and have been using heavily for a while. It is one of the NoSQL solutions that can be used for a specific use case.

Please view the embedded memcached presentation to learn more about memcached and how you can use it within your apps.

Are you a passionate open source hacker? If you love using memcached and are passionate about several other open source technologies, you might be interested about career options at ZestADZ. Write to us – hr@zestadz.com to learn more about the career options available.
Please write to us if you have any questions about this presentation to engineering@zestadz.com.

Komli Media acquires ZestADZ

Dear ZestADZ Advertisers and Publishers,

We are extremely happy to announce that  we have been acquired by Komli Media – Asia Pac’s leading ad network.

It has been a long journey for us at ZestADZ. We started as mobile ad network focussed at a few regions in Asia. We eventually expanded globally with a footprint spanning US, Germany, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, South Africa, India, Indonesia, and a couple of other regions.

We have grown significantly and are currently delivering about 5 billion ad impressions each month spanning all of these regions.

This growth & global presence was a result of a modest self funded operation lead by a great team at Chennai, India and in the US.

We are now very excited to be a part of Komli, a company that has demonstrated exceptional growth in the last 3 years.

This acquisition is going to help our advertisers and publishers by:

- enabling us to tap into the wealth of experience that Komli has and apply it to mobile, thereby delivering better value to advertisers.

- enabling us to leverage Komli’s leadership team lead by Prashant Mehta to accelerate growth and adoption of mobile advertising in general.

- enabling us to leverage the massive Komli’s field sales presence in over 10 countries to generate better yields for publishers.

- delivering better technology and mobile advertising with the availability of more resources.

Komli is committed to investing significantly in ZestADZ to establish market leadership. We’re hoping that we will have your continued support through this journey.

About Komli: Komli is Asia Pac’s leading ad network. Komli has over 200 employees spread across a dozen offices in New York, Redwood City, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Sydney, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam, London along with Chennai and Des Moines, IA which are the newest additions with this acquisition.

Thank you. Link to press release.

Leadership team @ ZestADZ – now a division of Komli

Shown in Picture from Left to right – Asif Ali, Prashant Mehta, Amit Bhartiya

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