India’s first complete mobile AD marketplace

That’s right – we launched ZestADZ in March 2007 and we have been testing the AD platform together with a select set of partners since then.

ZestADZ is India’s first complete mobile AD marketplace supporting SMS text, J2ME and WAP banner ADS. ZestADZ allows advertisers to launch Pay per click or CPM (which essentially means one thousand AD impressions) campaigns. ZestADZ is initially focused in India and the Asia Pac market.

So what is ZestADZ?
ZestADZ is essentially an ecosystem that has several publishers / content owners launching mobile AD supported services. Services could be SMS based, Mobile sites or any J2ME applications. We help them find an alternative and viable stream of revenues and bring better mobile services to the subscribers. By bringing in the advertisers – we are able to create a win-win revenue model that works for all of us.

ZestADZ enables the delivery of highly targeted and relevant mobile ADs to customers. The ADs are NOT delivered as SPAM messages, but essentially a part your service eg: it could be within a WAP site as a banner or within a SMS as a part of the message. Since then we have signed up a few advertisers who are have been trying out ZestADZ.

Mobile marketing is still in its infancy in India but it is a promising new medium. Advertisers won’t be rushing in with their AD budgets to us. But mobile, as a medium is very powerful and will deliver better results than most other mediums on the long term, and this alone will be a good reason to get interested in it.

If you got a promising new mobile service – get in touch with us at publisher A.T zestadz dot com.
If you want to promote your product or service – get in touch at sales A.T zestadz dot com for a “pay only for results” starter campaign.


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