In-game advertising launch

We have just launched our in-game advertising technology. Read the press release here

What is it?

An easy way to integrate mobile advertisements into a J2ME applications or games

Who is it targeted at?

Content owners, publishers who are working in the J2ME space and looking at an alternative revenue model.

How does it work?

Register yourselves as a publisher and give us your jar and jads and we will insert the source code required to pull dynamic banners, text ADS from our servers. Publish your content on the web (for free) and start monitoring your advertising revenues at as your traffic grows.


5 thoughts on “In-game advertising launch

  1. I wrote about a SMS advertising service from smscountry on my blog a while back. What I think can prevent them from being successful is that user need to send sms using their website and they don’t have tie-up with any carriers so that user can opt-in for sms service and seamlessly send and receive advertise supported sms for free.

    While I like that you have many channels of advertising, I don’t see details regarding how your sms advertising really work on your website. On which SMS really ads will be inserted and will user come to your website to send sms?

  2. Sachin,
    ZestADZ is a b2b ad exchange that involves publishers, advertisers and / or carriers as a part of the ecosystem.
    We do not enable direct opt-in delivery of messages but merely act as a AD marketplace to services (like as an example) to serve contextually relevant advertisements.
    Think of ZestADZ as the adwords network for mobile.

    We have publishers / mobile developers who publish their services for free and who have mobile ads being pulled from us. One of them is Berggi, who provides free mobile email client in return for embedded advertisements.

    Our ads are served as a part of SMS text, WAP (banners) and text or banners within J2ME apps and games

    hope this helps

    Asif Ali

  3. Vikram,
    ZestADZ is behind many, if not all services that is going live with services like free content, free SMS etc. The subscriber base entirely belongs to these publishers.
    Asif Ali

  4. we are looking for offshore development of in-game advertising technique that can be enbedded into online pc games, and be customisable at user level.

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