Mobile ads to overtake internet advertising – news report

Here’s an article that recently hit the headlines – Mobile advertising will overtake online advertising in-terms of ad-spend by advertisers.

The article goes on to say, “Though in its infancy in India, mobile advertising is emerging as the biggest competitor to internet advertising. It might even cannibalise mobile advertising, states a new study by global analysis firm Thomas Weisel International.”..

That article is definitely an indication of things to come.

Read the full article here..


Free Mobile Email and IM


BerggiMailWe just launched BerggiMail- Free Mobile Email and IM in India. BerggiMail enables you to to access any of your Hotmail, Yahoo IM and Emails while on the move and supports almost any mobile.

Berggi is an important strategic step for mobile-worx as Email and IM are compelling and sticky mobile applications. ZestADZ serves contextually relevant advertisements at the start and at the end of the application.

Download the application from

Launch of MeghDoot – Hindi SMS Application in partnership with Tensor Technologies

We recently teamed up with Tensor Technologies (being incubated at IIT-Delhi) to launch MeghDoot Hindi SMS application.
MeghDoot is an innovative (J2ME) application that allows you to send Hindi SMS – type in English and the application will send the text in Hindi it using a mobile transliteration technology.MeghDoot is an AD supported and requires GPRS to download & use.

ZestADZ will deliver contextually relavent mobile text and banner ADS to MeghDoot

Local language messaging is an important step in India and we’re working with MeghDoot to bring several more such innovative products to the subscribers. We’re also exploring possibilities of this technology for local messaging across mobile social networks.

Download the application from It is FREE to download and requires a simple registration.

This was covered by the press in Economictimes, DNA, ZDNetIndia and M&A

Misconceptions in the Indian Market

The last two months have been very busy @ ZestADZ for a variety of reasons. We’ve been chasing a lot of publishers and advertisers in India and Asia Pac. Many of those publishers are also being chased by both Admob and more recently by Google. Its good to have them in the market – competition is making us work much harder and the entry of both is in a way a recognition that the Indian market is getting ready for prime time in mobile advertising.

We have also been in the process of setting up a partnership in Asia Pac (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and a sales office in Mumbai, India

I thought it would be great to write about the common misconceptions that we hear in the Indian market and clarify them on this blog, so here it goes.

Myth: There is little or no traffic from the Indian market
Reality: There is more than what most of the mobile ad companies thought there is.
We have acquired an inventory (varying) of around 4+ million impressions a month and growing.
Admob claims to get 350+ million impressions from India (per annum). There is the traffic and potential for much higher traffic, but the real issue is that there are very few mobile sites and services from India that have a lot of traffic. That means all that traffic (from India) is landing up on sites out of India at the moment.
Myth: Publishers can earn for every WAP impression
Reality: While we wish this was possible but is not possible. Though the mobile ad rates in India can be a premium while compared to other markets and sometimes advertisers (knowingly or unknowingly) opt for CPM campaigns, it is not always the case. The advertiser must get real value for every rupee (or a dollar) ; and a CPM campaign is not always the most optimal way of doing that.

Myth: Publishers can recover as much as Rs. 1.00 – 2.00 every SMS message
Reality: We are ZestADZ are trying to monetize (almost) every SMS that comes through our networks. But publishers must realize that in a price sensitive market like India, it is a hard sell to get advertiser to pay Rs 1-2 for every message, especially when bulk SMS spam is very cheap and the laws go easy on both the SMS Spammers and Carriers

Myth: Publishers can run the campaigns themselves, if we pass the ad inventory to them.
Reality: This breaks the fundamental reason why ZestADZ exists. As an online platform, ZestADZ enables serving of contextually, geographically relevant ads within mobile apps and games. If we were to pass the ads to the publishers then the advantages that the advertiser has – the freedom to easily and quickly start campaigns, target a relevant user group, pay online and get real time responses and reports – are lost.

ZestADZ must integrate with every service – WAP, SMS or J2ME applications and games at real-time so that the ads are targeted and delivered at real-time.

Hope this clears the air for now. If you do have more clarifications, please do write to me at asif [at] mobile-worx dot com or comment on this blog

Asif Ali