Mobile (In-game and application) advertising – how it works?

ZestADZ supports mobile in-game and application advertising on the J2ME (MIDP 2.0) platform at the moment. We are looking to extend this model to other mobile platforms soon.

Here are a few things to note before you get started.

  • You need to be a registered publisher on ZestADZ to be able to start pulling advertisements.
  • Ad pulls are at real-time but they are cached and shown several times before refreshed therefore reducing network load.
  • If the user does not accept to download the ads, the application will exit. A notice is shown to the user requesting for network access.
  • After the ads are integrated, it is ideally required that the application be tested and verified so that the network access, ad pulls etc work fine.
  • After modification of source code, the code base of the application increases by around 10kb.
  • The call to action is – SAVE, FORWARD or CALL / CLICK the shown advertisement.

How it works

  • ZestADZ mobile ad marketplace supports embedding of advertising of ads within mobile games and applications without modifying the source code. Here’s how it works
  • Sign up – this is a straightforward process – ZestADZ‘s registration for publisher should take you no more than a minute. Activations for the account are automatic and you will get an email about your account activation immediately.
  • Click on Sell ADS -> Embed ADS in a new site or an application
  • Fill up information about your application (called as an AD client within ZestADZ)
  • Integration of Ads within your application either automatically or manually

Automated integration: This is the easiest and the simplest. Send us your JAR files and we will get back to you with ad embedded files in 24-48 hours. After the necessary testing, you can publish them.
Manual integration: This step will involve manual change of source code of the application / game, testing and verification. Manual integration is especially useful if you want to show advertisements at specific points within the application. E.g.: Attach an ad with every email that goes out of your mobile application or showing ads on an idle screen while your application downloads some content. Remember – you must not integrate ads at places which will irk the user.

To integrate the ADS manually, follow the steps given below

Step 1: Download the given JAR file and import it as a part of your code base.
Step 2: Follow the API to make the necessary calls and integrate the ZestADZ J2ME API with your code base
Step 3: Test on an Emulator
Step 4: Verify the binary code base on ALL emulators
Step 5: Obfuscate and release

If you would like to see a sample app where mobile advertising has been embedded, download MeghDoot Hindi SMS application from

Hope this blog post was useful. Do post your comments / suggestions to this article or write your comments to support [at] zestadz dot com.


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