Thoughts on mobile marketing..

To a number of folks, mobile marketing seems bewildering. It conjures images of “rocket science” or SMS-spam.. neither of which it is.. What most people dont realize is that this is a natural progression of the direct marketing industry. The 30-second spot ads which were the centerpiece of the US ad industry is certainly not dead, but its days are surely numbered. –

Direct Marketing
Direct marketing in the 80s were a welcome change from the “spray and pray” TV and Billboard advertisment techniques in the 70s. In India, much credit goes to R. Sridhar ( who at that time was at Oglivy to pioneer direct marketing. He proved most of his nay-sayers wrong and direct marketing is a well established approach in India. Over the years the direct marketing evolved to “one to one” marketing approaches pioneered by Martha and Peppers. While this was great in concept and companies spent $10M in expensive software like Siebel, Epiphany and 10X this amount with high fluted consultants they had at best marginal results.

Intent based marketing by Google
Google established the value of search (intent-based) marketing. However, this has not attacked the core of need in Direct Marketing.. – highly focused, targeted, contextual customer outreach. While emails, mail coupons, catalog inserts, digital radio, web banner ads play a role… none of these can match the effectivess and efficiency of mobile advertising. Most mobile marketing in India has been SMS spams which frankly does disservice to the entire human race.

However, permission based advertising based on concepts pioneered by Seth Godin ( have enormous merit. I believe Seth Godin is to marketing what Newton/Einstein is to Physics. If you have not read his writings, I would strong encourage you to do so, you can get a few chapters (free… imagine this!) at his website.

Permission based marketing
The core tenet in permission based marketing is quite simple.. customers willing cooperate with sellers to to be advertised on specific product offerings at specific times on specific channels so that
(1) they get best value for their hard earned money
(2) advertisers respect their leisure time; there by sellers acquire customers at the least possible cost.

This is an ultimate win win. ZestAdz aims to leverage the ubiquity of mobility, the targeting ability that it affords and the core tenets of permission based marketing providing Users and Advertisers with ultimate Return on investment. While the cost per contact is one of the lowest in mobile outreach, if you factor in the high conversion rates, the cost per response is one of the lowest.


The best part about mobile advertising is that it is very easy to try out new campaigns use real-time feedback to refine the campaigns to ensure that advertisers are getting best value for their marketing spend and consumers are getting the most value for their most precious commodities, their time and their hard earned money.

Nat D. Natraj


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