Free mobile service.. it only gets better

Blyk a new mobile operator announced precisely this – free ad-supported mobile service. With Google bidding at the upcoming FCC spectrum auction, a free mobile serice free mobile service might not be too far. It is said it is hard to beat free… while this might make for a humorous flippant remark, it pays to remember what Milton Friedman (the guru of free markets) said in Chicago “there is no free lunch” [his precise words were a variant of this but that is besides the point]. What is not free is our personal time, our eyeball movements, our keystrokes, our mindshare and our spending appetite. These are precisely what advertisers are after and if we have to trade this for free mobile service, I would say that the carrier and advertisers are getting one hell of a deal. The industry is getting interesting by the day. The universal coverage combined with the hyper-targeting that mobile medium offers is very potent and can make for a “win… win… win… win” relationship [consumer, carrier, advertiser, publisher]. This is what we should strive for and is entirely possibly if all parties in the eco-system respect the other party’s role in the value chain. At ZestAdz this is precisely what we facilitate. Stay tuned…. Nat


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