Research Report: Future of Mobile Value Added Services in India

BDA Connect Director Kunal Bajaj together with Prof. Tom Kosnik, Stanford University and Mohit Gundecha, Research Associate, Stanford University released an excellent Research Report on the Future of Mobile VAS in India.

ZestADZ was a part of the research and we shared our thoughts on the industry and the directions it is moving in. Download the report from the BDA website


7 thoughts on “Research Report: Future of Mobile Value Added Services in India

  1. Hiii

    I am a management student and currently analysing this sector as part of my academis.
    The report is comprehensive and etremely structured.
    However I had a few doubts on reading this report.
    On Pg 92 of the report there is a breakup of major VAS services and its forecast for yr 2010.

    Can anyone tell me wht products are covered under
    1) Voice,
    2) DAta
    3) Others

    Also new products like ADRBT and SNC, UGC will fall in which category?

  2. Hi Nidhi,
    The following are the products covered under the different categories.

    Voice – Voice portal services on various multimodal numbers. Also CRBT song selection from VP.
    Data – GPRS access charges. Revenue generated from GPRS billing.
    Others – Every other VAS products.

    New services like SNC & UGC should be under Others. These are niche market prod and with the smaller penetration of internet in India and also the difficulty to efficiently bring these services on mobile would essentially mean miniscule opportunity for the telcos. Hence this would be considered under others.

    ADRBT should be considered under advt. This would be a potential new stream of revenue atleast in 2010. I guess the report doesn’t highlight advt and hence this would be considered under CRBT.

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