Tutorial: Monetizing / Integrating your WAP / XHTML sites

Monetizing your mobile sites using ZestADZ is very simple. This can be done using the several different type of sample source code given by ZestADZ. But first there are several things to understand

  • ZestADZ currently offers and serves ad inventory that are India specific or get reasonable traffic from India
  • ZestADZ’s revenue model is that of CPC for text impressions and CPM for banners.
  • ZestADZ pays out publishers within a agreed period of time after billing which is typically 30 days.

Having understood that, integration is really the simple part.

All you have to do is

  • Register yourself
  • Define your mobile site (select WAP as your client type, step 3 of this wizard will give you the sample source code for WAP)
  • Copy paste the code as required by your server side technology
  • You’re ready to go. Your site will now display the ads, no activation is required!

Hope this helps


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