Top 10 Predictions for Mobile Marketing in 2008

As he new year unfolds, we are bracing ourselves for some exciting growth in the year ahead. Based on our knowledge of the market, we at mobile-worx have put together the top 10 predictions for Mobile Marketing in 2008 (for India). We have deliberately avoided putting specific numbers as they are debatable at this moment of time.

So here you go, the top 10 predictions for mobile marketing in 2008

— Mobile advertising in India will continue to grow at a good pace.

Social mobile marketing will be big in 08 – Keep watching this blog for more updates on this

— SMS will continue to generate substantial traffic. WAP traffic as always is underestimated but will continue to surge with more users expected to logon to the mobile Internet.

— Major web portals will unveil their mobile portals.

— Players like Vodafone could shakeout the mobile data business offering cheaper data access to consumers. Wireless data could get more affordable.

— Many innovative mobile VAS applications will be launched free of cost to the consumer powered through mobile advertising. Mobile publishers will begin to take mobile advertising as a serious alternative business model.

— More and more advertisers will begin to test mobile as a medium for marketing. Mobile will get acceptance as the third and more powerful medium than the web. Despite that, we don’t really expect to see drastic shift in the allocation of marketing budgets just yet.

— Premium rates for mobile content and mobile services will continue to drop.

— Several small and medium VAS players will move into mobile advertising


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