Updated: Momo Chennai – 27th July, 2008 @ 10.00 AM

 Mobile Monday Chennai

We’re organizing The Chennai Edition of Mobile Monday, July, 2008

The upcoming edition of momo Chennai will focus on iPhone – web / SDK based development. Having said that, the target audience will be Mobile Software Developers, Enterpreneurs, etc who is technically inclined and who is interested in capilizing on the iPhone Launch in India.

The momo sessions will be primarily developer oriented sessions and therefore targeted at people who know technology. However there will be one general session as well aimed to give an overview of the capabilities of the iPhone and possibilities of apps / services on the iPhone.

For more information write to me – asif [at] mobile-worx . com or call +91 98400 89876

Date: 27 July 2008 (which happens to be a Sunday) at 10.00 AM


Mobile-worx No. 71/1,3rd Floor, McNichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai – 600 031. Call +91-44-4285 7183 for Directions

Register to Attend the event

The max registrations can be 60. Register on the Attendees page


CSS Labs from Chennai who have been working on iPhone SDK Development / Hacks will be giving a presentation on iPhone SDK Development including demos.


Do Blog about the event and add your link to the BlogRoll



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