Mobile advertising India – Bad practices exposed!

Ad networks serving clicks on Porn sites
I have recently noticed that two other mobile ad networks in India were serving massive amounts of AD inventory on Porn sites masking them as porn ads (which by the way is illegal in India, in case someone forgot to mention them). This is a fraud that they do not want the advertisers to know and this also happens to generate them a lot of one time, 100% bounce rate user clicks.

Pressure from advertisers = 100% bounce rate of the Click Throughs
This issue is part driven by the advertisers need for more click inventory but hey, Sure – results do matter but are they really pertinent?. How do you check whether they are coming from a right TG?. Whether the user landing on your landing page will really generate results for you?.

Advertisers must understand it is easy to generate clicks, especially from tons of porn, irrelevant and fake clicks that most small publishers indulge in. Porn sites based clicks are irrelevant for most advertisers because they are fake clicks where the intent of the user is something else when he sees the ad and the end result is something else (therefore the user might come on your landing page but he will never ever come back again because your brand / advertiser) has somehow cheated the user.

I am sure that this click fraud will show dismal results on the long term for those advertisers and I pity them because they’re being cheated. Anyways, lets see how this works.

1. Networks advertise on Sites which are not really targeted by the advertiser under FAKE but enticing ads.

2. Networks generate a dummy page which gives no other options but a few of their own ADS

3. User clicks on to the landing page (now where the hell is that naked pic???)

Asif Ali