Integrating ZestADZ with your Static Pages

Publishers can now integrate ZestADZ with their static pages. What this means is that ZestADZ will be able to serve ads on your static (xhtml) pages without having to use any server side code.

Steps to Integrate ads within your Static Page
•    Create an account & log in.
•    Define your ad client (WAP Site) within your publisher console. Follow the Wizard and copy the code given by the wizard into your page OR
•    Take the ad client id ( it looks like 14131C047A504141435B4A56465145568D89) and create a link within  your static page wherever you want to insert an AD
<a href=””> Great Mobile Sites</a>

The generated link “Great Mobile Sites” will then route to a page full of ads, targeted to your WAP site which looks like the below image. All impressions and clicks generated on this page will show up on your reporting screen. It is that simple. Replace the “Great Mobile Sites” with any text or banner as long as it complies with our T’s and C’s.  Please send your feedback if you have any, to publisher [at] mobile-worx dot com.










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