ZestADZ – Technical Updates and Upgrades in November

There have been several upgrades done to ZestADZ in the past few weeks. These upgrades enhance the overall user experience of both advertisers and publishers and add several new features to the existing platform. These include…

Upgrades for advertisers

· Bidding module – You can now bid for your campaigns. ZestADZ will auto generate a minimum bid and you can bid at the same or higher price than the minimum bid. A Better bid will ensure better placement of your ads.

· Simplified Reporting UI – To utmost advertiser satisfaction, the report console is now more simplified and includes ad-wise statistics, exportable as CSV. You can also view reports based on attributes like campaign type and period of time.

· Better click fraud filters – Better click fraud enables you pay only for the right traffic and this means a higher overall ROI and lower cost of Acquisition.

Upgrades for publishers

· Static page integration – This allows publishers to integrate ZestADZ on to their static pages, allowing ads to be displayed where server side code is not supported. This is available at http://zestadz.com/static_ad?id=<your encoded ad client id here>

· CMS integration – If you are an aggregator of traffic or have a CMS, we have a solution to integrate ZestADZ Ads for you. Write to publisher[at] mobile-worx dot com for more info on this.

· Banner only request – It is now possible to request only for banners instead of a mix of text and banner ads. Just add ad_type=”Picture” within your source code.

· Perl code – Perl code is now available for integration, within the publisher console.

We will be glad to get your feedback on the above and other required upgrades

Please send us your feedback to your respective Account executive or to support [at] zestadz dot com


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