Announcing the new ZestADZ Landing Pages Tool

ZestADZ announces the launch of a powerful new landing page tool for advertisers. Through this tool you can create amazing landing pages to enhance the success rate of your campaigns. This tool is now a part of your advertiser console.

Types of Landing Pages Supported

You can now create the following types of landing pages by clicking on the create a landing page option

  • Click-to-call pages
  • Lead generation forms
  • Mobile brochures
  • RSS feed page
  • Or a customized mobile page

Create a landing page screen

Once you select an option you will be taken to page where you can add any number of landing page elements

Adding Elements

You can now add several important components into your page including Heading, body text, image, RSS feeds, links etc. These components can be used to create your customized landing page, in line with your requirements, for your brand.

Landing page elements toolbar

Sorting Elements using Drag & Drop

You can sort the elements using drag and drop, select the colors of fonts and fix alignment or set font sizes for every text element. You will be able to add as many as elements as you want except RSS feeds and Images which is restricted to one.

Drag and droppable elements

Previewing the landing page

After you are done, the landing page is saved and you are given a permanent URL where your landing page would be available<id&gt;.This landing page can be previewed by clicking on the preview button.  The landing page is temporarily previewed in a web browser for your convenience

Device Specific Rendering

The landing page that you have created will be then rendered  based on the device and the kind of properties the target device supports.

As you can see, the landing page tool is feature rich and can be used to create full fledged mobile web sites for advertisers who do not have WAP sites.

Do review this feature and send us your feedback to support [at] mobile-worx dot com. To use the tool, log on to

Asif Ali


2 thoughts on “Announcing the new ZestADZ Landing Pages Tool

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