Strategies for Successful Mobile Advertising Campaigns & Self Service vs Managed Mobile Campaigns

We have posted a great new presentation which talks about successful mobile advertising campaign strategies and the pros and cons of managed campaigns.

Here it goes.. Hope you enjoy it.


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Earning better revenues on your mobile site – The ZestADZ Guide!

Mobile ad publishing is not something uncommon these days as advertising is becoming the mainstream revenue model for mobile apps and sites. A simple Google on ‘mobile monetization’ or ‘mobile publishing’ throws up thousands of links, proof enough, to show us the huge market and growth of this business area. I just thought, this would be the right time to share some information and tips on the ‘how to’ of better monetization.

Earning Better Revenues

Almost every publisher we talk to is only concerned about learning how to improve earnings per thousand impressions (eCPM) and better revenues. In this blog, we will try to cover this topic and offer you meaningful suggestions as to how you can increase eCPM and subsequently revenues.

Here are some of those suggestions and tips

#1: Ad Placement Matters. Placement of ads on top of the mobile page, below the logo is always recommended. Certain studies have shown that if the ad is placed just above the bottom end of the screen, it also has a significantly higher impact for clicks. Provide some free space around the ads, to improve visibility of the ad.

#2: Sponsored Ads Page. Multiple ads in a single page could be used as a way to redirect traffic to the ads. Please be mindful of not misleading the user. They must know that they’re going to a sponsored links page or as a link to other mobile sites.

#3: Ensure that the ad is well targeted. This is mostly the function of the ad network but good targeting can do wonders for better revenues.  For example, an ad for a great free iPhone app on a mobile site that is being browsed through an iPhone will have a better chances of a click through.

Device targeting, keyword targeting, etc are all important. Pass the right keywords to get better targeted ads.

#4: Filter unwanted or low performance/paying ads. If your ad network gives you a choice, filter out non-performing ads or ads that have extremely low CPCs. An ad which has the same creative for a very long time or is irrelevant to your site, they must go.

Also – those ads whose landing pages don’t open up fast must also be avoided.

#5: The Utopian scenario is to ensure that you have a good supply of ads. However we know that this may not always be possible. But, low inventory can reduce your CTR and your revenues.

#6: Forget the CPM guarantees. Try out different networks and work with anyone who is willing to listen to you and optimize their inventory for you. Often at times, we have seen that optimized inventory delivers much better performance and earnings are more than what you might think that you may get. So work closely with ad networks to see better results.

#7: Avoid using irrelevant keywords or misleading keywords while displaying ad Example – If a user clicks on the static html link “Free Hot videos” which redirects to a  social networking site, it would result in a bad click which no one benefits. Remember advertisers are willing to commit good money for quality inventory and not just for large number of clicks.

#8: Ensure that the ads are optimized for the end user phones. This is normally a function of the ad networks. But it is very important to keep a close watch on this issue

#9:  Do not add any unnecessary additional delays for the ad clicks or ad retrieval. Many companies tend to add unnecessary third party code or tools to monitor clicks and impressions. Well here are our comments on that

  • the ad network may not give you any extra revenue, than what it shows on the reports. This is irrespective of what shows up on your console.
  • due to network delays etc, there might be a difference in the actual number of clicks and impressions that you have recorded vs what they have recorded.
  • adding an additional overload will slow down the page and slow down click throughs.

#7: Re-iterating a previous point, work with an ad network that wants to work closely with you. Many large ad networks want to go the google way of having no communication points. They don’t want to hear you and they won’t write to you even if you have issues. We always suggest in that case work with an ad network who is willing to hear from you and work closely with you to optimize the monetization of ad inventory.

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