ZestADZ – Upgrade Announcement

2We would like to announce the rollout of a major upgrade of ZestADZ (v 1.5). This version contains major functionality and feature enhancements built with feedback from our partners – advertisers and publishers. Access the updated version of  ZestADZ (1.5 ) at http://beta.zestadz.com

Listed below is what you can expect of the new and upgraded version of ZestADZ.

Publisher Upgrades

  • Simpler, Better Interface. Easier Integration – Sites/Apps can now be integrated easily through a single copy/paste of the API. There is no need to modify and site ids, as it is taken care of by the platform itself.
  • The USD ($) has been adopted as a standard currency and all billing and reports would be available in the same, which means, that publishers across the globe can expect their payments and other transactions in USD.
  • The much awaited ad approval tool is now in place, and publishers can approve/reject ads that they want to serve on their apps/sites.
  • Better AD Delivery Performance.
  • Earnings can be transferred in a single click to generate funds for advertising on the ZestADZ ad network.
  • Our system ensures that publishers receive notification emails during most important events.
  • Unified account for advertisers and publishers.

Advertiser Upgrades

  • Simplified user interface, easier campaign creation.
  • The USD ($) has been adopted as a standard currency
  • Channel wise targeting and bidding replaces demographic targeting. You can bid in over 25 different channels individually.
  • Our system ensures that advertisers receive notification emails on every important issue, such as account balance notification etc.

Advertisers and publishers will receive email communication about the migration of their existing accounts. The transition process will be completed in the next few days. We hope for a better and much more satisfied user experience form our partners, and any feedback / suggestions are welcome at support [at] zestadz.com


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