Email Alerts from ZestADZ

Email alerts is a nifty new feature that is available in the new release of ZestADZ. It enables the delivery of daily email alerts for both advertisers and publishers either reminding them of important events or sending them daily status reports.  Access Email Alerts at My Accounts -> Email Alerts.

The key alerts that are available are


Advertiser – Daily Budget Notification: This alert informs the advertiser if the daily budget has been exhausted so that the advertiser can increase the budget if required. This email is only sent when campaigns are running and the daily budget has been exhausted.

Advertiser – Daily Campaign Reports: The daily campaign reports for all the campaigns that you are currently running will be generated as a CSV attachment and sent to you as an email on a daily basis.This daily report contains the details of Impressions, Clicks, CTR and the total amount spent.

Publisher – Available ADs summary: This alert lists the ADs available to be published in your account. If your site was having an “Manual Approval” of ads, you might have to log on to ZestADZ to manually approve these ADs for publishing them on your site. This alert is sent once as an email on a daily basis.

Publisher – Daily Site / App Earnings Report: This alert sends a summary of all your earnings for your site or app everyday as a CSV attachment as an email on a daily basis. This daily reports summary contains the details of Impressions, Clicks, CTR, eCPM and earnings.

Balance Notification
Since this is an important alert, we decided to separate this out from the other email alerts. Access Balance notification at Campaigns->Balance Notification. The advertiser receive an email notification, if the balance amount falls below the minimum amount set.   With this alert, the advertiser will get ample time to replenish the funds before it is exhausted.

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