Filetype XMLNow, publishers will be able to request for a  XML ad response instead of a text response. This feature will enable publishers to conveniently modify the Site Install Code and use it for their specific requirements.

The only thing that you will need to do to get an XML ad response is to pass an additional parameter to the http AD request “response_type” and set the value as xml. This will then return an Ad in XML format.


http://a.zestadz.com/waphandler/deliverad?ua=user_agent_string&ip=  &meta=mobile+content&response_type=xml

Once the ad is requested, it could generate any of the following type of ads.

  • Text – Text ad is delivered in XML format.
  • Banner – Banner ad is delivered in XML format.
  • Error message – Ad could not be delivered due to any error conditions.

Following would be the possible ad responses.

  • Text

<ad type=”text”>

<text>Test 34578 & type</text> à Text Ad


<url>http://a.zestadz.com/waplanding?lm=16%7CAll-47~ck</url> à Landing Page URL


  • Picture

<ad type=”picture”>


<picture>http://a.zestadz.com/image.jpeg</picture> à Image URL

<url>http://a.zestadz.com/waplanding?lm=16%7CAll-47~ck</url> à Landing Page URL


  • Error

<ad type=”error”>




<error> NO ADS TO DISPLAY</error> à Error message displayed here


Please send  any questions to support [at] zestadz.com or post as a comment to this blog entry.


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