Dapper and ClickZ CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Calculator

Dapper and ClickZ have put in a simpleĀ  CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Calculator tool which we believe should be an important part of a mobile marketer’s everyday life.

The tool is available here.

We would encourage every marketer to review their CPA for every network they choose, go beyond the hype and actually measure the performance and then choose the right ad network that gives them the best bang for their buck.

If you would like to know our average CPC rates and see how much does it cost to acquire a user on ZestADZ – write to us at sales [at] zestadz.com and we will revert back to you.

ZestADZ Team


One thought on “Dapper and ClickZ CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Calculator

  1. Hi,

    Just a small brief about the product and market demand.

    India training market estimated to be worth $ 40 Billion USD,
    with potential 16% five year CAGR,
    Out of this the adult market (20+) for ELT is estimated to be worth around US $ 450 Million,
    and 3.8 million people pays average fees of around US 120$,
    The Indian population of English learning is around 249 million.
    around 2.2 million English language teachers in India.
    vocational training market is US$ 1365 million and English training represent one -third of the figures….
    The same category of product with even less features cost around 200 Euros in US and European market. And we have developed this product especially for India market with very low price.

    we want to work over CPA model,

    Need a fast responce,

    Best Regards,

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