Mobile Advertising can help Obama’s Health Care Reform and AARP’s Campaign

aarp_campaignRecently AARP launched a campaign countering negative public opinion in the states about the health care reform as proposed by President Obama.¬† “To be clear: AARP has not endorsed any comprehensive health care reform bill — but we are fighting for a solution that improves health care for our members,” the group’s CEO, Barry Rand, and president, Jennie Chin Hansen, wrote to members on Tuesday.

Subsequently, a few days later President Obama also revealed his clear message with a $900 billion  plan to fix health care.

We think that a mobile advertising component to the AARP’s campaign would be a great medium for AARP and the government to clarify its position to the general public. Though it may not be a tool that can bring drastic change, it can through its reach and ubiquity, educate the general public about the misconceptions about the government’s stand on health care reform.

Here are our suggested set of simple steps for a mobile advertising campaign that can help the tide turn in the government’s favour

a) Launch a simple mobile site with FAQs on the health care bill.

b) Promote the mobile site focusing on unique visitor clicks with maximum coverage

c) Send out SMS Alerts to general public about specific myths to users on regular intervals

d) Enable social media / SMS based sharing of links

e) Enable SMS Alerts campaigns to those registered users

h) Launch a search enabled iPhone App with FAQs. Promote it the same way the Mobile site was promoted.


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