Android Mobile Advertising – ZestADZ Android SDK – Beta Program Launched

androidZestADZ is proud to announce the launch of ZestADZ Android SDK Beta Program. Here are a few key reasons why you should publish your android apps with ZestADZ

You’re joining a large network of mobile app publishers – ZestADZ already has a large network of mobile app publishes who publish mobile ads on J2ME / Symbian / iPhone.

Mobile Analytics included to track your traffic on your android app – ZestADZ comes with a superb analytics solution that will be an important part of your publishing cycle.

We will help you integrate with multiple networks – At ZestADZ – we realize that many times publishers do not want to be tied down to a single mobile ad network. That is the precise reason why we will help you integrate with other networks to fill your unfilled inventory.

– You’re in Control – At ZestADZ you’re in control with powerful mobile advertising tools – Ad approval screens, XML reports, Powerful reporting and analytics – all of this puts absolute control in your hands to control mobile advertising.

– House ads coming soon – We’re launching house ads that will help you cross promote android ads. Keep visiting our blog for more updates at

Please write to asha [at] be a part of this program and start publishing Android ads. We will revert back with the SDK and instructions to integrate it with your android app.

The Android SDK will be available for all publishers by third week of November, 2009.


Mobile Advertising Metrics – What’s really relevant!

There is a wide debate in the mobile advertising ecosystem as to what are the metrics that are really important to advertiser and publishers.

Many networks try to provide an information overload of metrics and data which may not be really important to any advertiser or individual campaign  and examples of these are

  • iPhone traffic has increased 10% compared to last month.
  • 5 b impressions were delivered last month (how does this impact my campaign results?).

In our discussions with marketers and advertisers, we realized that many advertisers want more data. Many complained that on most ad networks, they are not able to get simple metrics that is required. These metrics which are important includes

  • Unique visitors: How many unique visitors have viewed the ad?
  • What are the peak hours of my campaign?
  • Which ads are better performing and why?
  • What kind of phones are more popular in my campaign?
  • What is the break down of traffic from a Carrier perspective [this is really important for mobile subscription services]

For the publishers, the metrics that they commonly look for is

  • How much of traffic was unfilled and what are the reasons why it was unfilled [Show me the devices which are not getting ads, the carriers which have no ads]
  • What is the break down of traffic by Carrier?
  • How many unique visitors?
  • CTR, eCPM and revenue earned
  • What is the Hourly breakdown of traffic

Now here’s the problem. Most mobile ad networks do not disclose these metrics. As far as the independent analytics solutions that are available are not directly linked to the mobile ad ecosystem completely and can’t completely track all the necessary metrics.

We know that this is a debatable point but we’re going to put some more thoughts in some of our newer blog posts and closing this issue for now.

Introducing ZestADZ Mobile Analytics

At ZestADZ, we have been trying to share these metrics with both advertisers and publishers through an analytics solution for several months now.  ZestADZ Mobile Analytics as we call it, is not an independent analytics solution but an extension of our mobile advertising ecosystem providing some important metrics to both advertisers and publishers. We believe that this solution will be a game changer and provide a much needed insight into mobile traffic and campaigns.

Keep visiting the blog and our website and you will see more information shortly.

Site install code updates with better user tracking

We have made further upgrades to our site install code and this time there has been key functionality added to enhance user tracking. Though this functionality in the API is still in its early days and there are other ways in which we track users, this upgrade will essentially help deliver better ROI for publishers as advertisers are willing to pay for better metrics and results.

This is an important enhancement  but ZestADZ is completely backward compatible with the previous code. So you can choose to upgrade or choose to remain with your existing site install code.

We would however would strongly recommend you going in for an upgrade of the site install code.

If there are any questions, write to us at support [at]


Several user experience upgrades have gone live

We have been doing a number of user experience upgrades which we believe will will enhance your mobile advertising experience. A number of them have gone live.

#1 Dashboard

The post login home page has been replaced by a simple dashboard that provides a review of the current campaigns or ad clients. You can directly click on them to go to the reports section


#2 Publisher payments summaries

The top right publisher payments notification was confusing to a few of our publishers who thought their previous amounts vanished at the end of each month. That has been updated with the publisher payments – current and pending payments visible on the top right corner of the screen


#3 Ajax driven search in forms

Simple feature that helps users search in large data sets. This will be extremely useful for advertisers who are managing large number of campaigns.


#4 More usable forms

Most forms have been updated to make them simple and more usable


#5 Improved Approve Ads Screen

This screen has been updated to deliver the list of ads and allow for easy approval or rejection of ads.