Several user experience upgrades have gone live

We have been doing a number of user experience upgrades which we believe will will enhance your mobile advertising experience. A number of them have gone live.

#1 Dashboard

The post login home page has been replaced by a simple dashboard that provides a review of the current campaigns or ad clients. You can directly click on them to go to the reports section


#2 Publisher payments summaries

The top right publisher payments notification was confusing to a few of our publishers who thought their previous amounts vanished at the end of each month. That has been updated with the publisher payments – current and pending payments visible on the top right corner of the screen


#3 Ajax driven search in forms

Simple feature that helps users search in large data sets. This will be extremely useful for advertisers who are managing large number of campaigns.


#4 More usable forms

Most forms have been updated to make them simple and more usable


#5 Improved Approve Ads Screen

This screen has been updated to deliver the list of ads and allow for easy approval or rejection of ads.



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