Mobile Advertising Metrics – What’s really relevant!

There is a wide debate in the mobile advertising ecosystem as to what are the metrics that are really important to advertiser and publishers.

Many networks try to provide an information overload of metrics and data which may not be really important to any advertiser or individual campaign  and examples of these are

  • iPhone traffic has increased 10% compared to last month.
  • 5 b impressions were delivered last month (how does this impact my campaign results?).

In our discussions with marketers and advertisers, we realized that many advertisers want more data. Many complained that on most ad networks, they are not able to get simple metrics that is required. These metrics which are important includes

  • Unique visitors: How many unique visitors have viewed the ad?
  • What are the peak hours of my campaign?
  • Which ads are better performing and why?
  • What kind of phones are more popular in my campaign?
  • What is the break down of traffic from a Carrier perspective [this is really important for mobile subscription services]

For the publishers, the metrics that they commonly look for is

  • How much of traffic was unfilled and what are the reasons why it was unfilled [Show me the devices which are not getting ads, the carriers which have no ads]
  • What is the break down of traffic by Carrier?
  • How many unique visitors?
  • CTR, eCPM and revenue earned
  • What is the Hourly breakdown of traffic

Now here’s the problem. Most mobile ad networks do not disclose these metrics. As far as the independent analytics solutions that are available are not directly linked to the mobile ad ecosystem completely and can’t completely track all the necessary metrics.

We know that this is a debatable point but we’re going to put some more thoughts in some of our newer blog posts and closing this issue for now.

Introducing ZestADZ Mobile Analytics

At ZestADZ, we have been trying to share these metrics with both advertisers and publishers through an analytics solution for several months now.  ZestADZ Mobile Analytics as we call it, is not an independent analytics solution but an extension of our mobile advertising ecosystem providing some important metrics to both advertisers and publishers. We believe that this solution will be a game changer and provide a much needed insight into mobile traffic and campaigns.

Keep visiting the blog and our website and you will see more information shortly.


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