ZestADZ Analytics – Preview

analytics_screenshotZestADZ Analytics is an upcoming mobile analytics solution by ZestADZ targeted at both publishers and advertisers. ZestADZ Analytics enabling them to extract  deep insights enabling them to take better business decisions.

As we put forth in one of our recent blogs,  there are many instances where advertisers and publishers request for more data such as how many unique visitors saw the campaign, what kind of devices are accessing them and so forth. Based on these market requirements we have built an extensive mobile analytics solution that complements our ad network – ZestADZ. ZestADZ Analytics comes at no additional charge to both advertisers and publishers.

A Preview of information and features that ZestADZ Analytics provides –

For Advertisers

ZestADZ Analytics gives information such as

  • Visitor tracking
  • Popular Handsets
  • Popular Handset Supported Properties
  • Detailed Ad-wise Performance
  • Geo statistics
  • Carrier-wise break down of traffic

Using ZestADZ Analytics, advertisers will be able to make better decisions on their campaigns such as

  • Tune landing pages to suit incoming traffic
  • Optimize campaign and creatives to the amount of incoming visitors
  • Optimize campaigns based on handsets / manufacturers and features  that are popular
  • Understand what carriers are delivering better quality traffic

Advertisers cannot yet measure download tracking or ROI but these are key features we will be adding in near future.

For Publishers

ZestADZ Analytics gives information such as

  • Visitor tracking
  • Traffic delivered
  • Popular Handset Manufacturers
  • Popular Handset Supported Properties
  • Geo statistics
  • Region wise breakdown of traffic
  • Carrier break down of traffic

Using Analytics, publishers will be able to

  • Track web / mobile apps in a single interface
  • Get important statistics  in a single console
  • Optimize / select ads based on available handset / carrier / location data and reject non performing or non relevant ads


Online presentations and screenshots are available at the advertiser link and publisher link respectively.

So how can you start using analytics?

ZestADZ Analytics is currently in private beta and if you would like to try it, please get in touch with us by writing an email to analytics [at] zestadz.com or by requesting an invite at http://analytics.zestadz.com

Existing advertisers and publishers – You will get an invite soon to start using mobile analytics.

Thank you and please send us your feedback.

ZestADZ Engineering Team


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