Tracking Mobile Advertising Performance – Site / Ad Performance Tracking for Advertisers is Now Available

ZestADZ Now supports Site and Ad ID Performance Tracking  for advertisers. This is possible by passing each of the actual Site ID and Ad ID for each click while redirecting to the advertiser provided URL. This feature is useful for advertisers who want to track traffic from specific publisher sites or apps. Advertisers can also use this mechanism to track their own ad-wise  / site-wise performance and request for blocking specific Sites / Apps or Mobile

How it works:

Advertisers can submit a landing page URL for each creative, for example

The Ad – Download unlimited games for $9.99 a month

Can have the URL

To enable tracking of the Ad / Site performance, ZestADZ will automatically append the following variables

cid – This is an unsigned integer which identifies a Site or App on ZestADZ.

adid – This is an unsigned integer which uniquely identifies an Ad on ZestADZ

Therefore the redirected URL will actually look like

The advertiser can extract the cid and adid variable and store and analyze how many clicks have come in from specific publishers or ads.

In the near future, ZestADZ will also be able to send in additional parameters such as the mobile handset and other important parameters.

So what can an advertiser do if a particular Site or Ad is not delivering the desired performance?

You can log on to your account and block your non performing ads.

To block non performing publisher sites or apps, email your account manager and mention the cid (Site or App ID) and we will block it for you in less than 24 hours.

Please send your feedback about this feature to


ZestADZ Engineering Team


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