Apple iPad And Mobile advertising

Apple yesterday announced its highly anticipated tablet PC – the iPad. It was well received and there is now a huge interest in the tablet computing device.

So what impact will iPad have to the mobile advertising industry?. Will it be a positive or a negative impact. We will try to review the impact of the iPad launch to mobile advertising.

Support for iPhone Apps and this means the mobile ad networks have a head start

Apple has enabled all iPhone apps on the iPad. What this means is that several of the mobile advertising (via iPhone SDK ) supported apps that we and the other players in the Industry will continue to be served on the iPad.

This means that the mobile ad networks such as ours ( have a head start and will continue to grow as existing iPhone developers know these mobile advertising SDKs and when they branch out to develop exclusive iPad apps, they will continue to use the same SDKs as mobile ad networks have always in general offered better publishing ROI when compared to Online ad networks.

Applications driven business model

The applications driven business model is already an extremely successful model for Apple.
It has been able to demonstrate that apps can be sold independent of Carriers and built a massive ecosystem around it. It is likely to continue to grow and consolidate this ecosystem in the PC world with the iPad.

Mobile advertising has played an important role in the applications ecosystem as many free mobile apps have been able to monetize themselves through mobile advertising. This trend is likely to continue with the iPad.

Lucrative market of the iPad driven by Gaming, eBooks, Music and Apps will grab the attention of Online Ad networks

There are many useful applications of iPad. And unlike generations of smart phones or other tablet devices which pretended they could do things such as edit Office documents, the iPad actually does all of them and that too very well.

That is enough to grab the attention of online ad networks who definitely do not miss the opportunity out.

Mobile Ad Networks will extend their services to iPad

For mobile ad networks like ZestADZ it is apparent that they will extend their services into the iPad space as it will be an extension to what they are already doing with iPhone and Android.  Especially because a similar model for iPhone has worked very well.

It is also because the iPad (atleast some versions) comes along with 3G connectivity making it the ubiquitous device the iPhone has become.

Blurring of the lines between Online and Mobile Ad Networks

Will the online ad networks adopt an Apple centric strategy for advertising like many mobile networks have already done (think – iPhone campaigns, iPhone SDK, Click-to-App store)? Or will they simply let this game be dominated by mobile ad networks?.

Well whatever happens, we can tell you that iPad launch is definitely going to do one thing. It is going to blur the lines between online ad networks and mobile ad networks and there is going to be increased competition for customer attention.


75% revenue share for Android / iPhone Publishers

This month, we’re launching an offer that publishers cannot refuse. Android / iPhone Publishers will get  75% revenue share payout until 31 Aug 2010.

Since the launch of both Android and iPhone SDK, we have seen interest by publishers in both SDKs. Through this offer, we would like to invite global Android / iPhone developers on our ad network and try our mobile publishing solutions as a way to monetize their apps / games.

So why would you choose ZestADZ?

  • Global Sales Force
  • Best in Class Analytics
  • High Fill Rates
  • Better User Experience for your App with Cached Ads.

So how to get started? Register at, download SDK and integrate with your app.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at support [at]

ZestADZ Launches iPhone SDK

ZestADZ launches the iPhone SDK (beta) to monetize iPhone mobile Applications and games. ZestADZ’s iPhone ads offer multiple highly interactive rich media formats for the iPhone.

There are three ways to integrate iPhone SDK with iPhone applications.

  • Interface builder
  • API (Programmatic)
  • Table view

All three formats support all versions of the iPhone OS. Unique features of the Android SDK include the ability to cache and display up to 5 ads at a time. Ads are automatically flipped after being displayed for a while.

The iPhone SDK comes along with rich mobile analytics and much more.

Visit the IPhone SDK page on ZestADZ to download and integrate the iPhone SDK with your app.

ZestADZ Announces House Campaigns

ZestADZ announces the launch of house campaigns – a feature through which publishers can fill their unused inventory through their own campaigns.

How does it work?

Publishers can create their house campaigns by clicking on campaigns and “Start a campaign”. Simply select “This is a house campaign” checkbox while creating a campaign.

When are the ads delivered to my traffic?

You will as usual need to approve these campaigns if you have “manual approval” settings in place. After approval, the most targeted ad [external or house] will run on your inventory.

Can I block all external campaigns and run only house campaigns?

Our policies prohibit you from blocking all external ads. That means in order for you to be able to continue to use ZestADZ and house campaigns, you will need to approve both external and internal [house]  campaigns and ads.

What are the limitations on house campaigns?

Current limitations are set at 10 million ad impressions per month per publisher / organization. These restrictions are subject to revision in near future.

What is the cost of using the house campaigns feature?

House campaigns is a FREE feature. You can create and run house campaigns without any additional charges within the limitation of 10 million impressions per month.

Where can I get more information or send feedback?

Please visit our website OR write to support at support [at] OR call us  +1 (646)-546-5526

We hope that you like this feature. Please do send us your feedback.

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