ZestADZ Announces House Campaigns

ZestADZ announces the launch of house campaigns – a feature through which publishers can fill their unused inventory through their own campaigns.

How does it work?

Publishers can create their house campaigns by clicking on campaigns and “Start a campaign”. Simply select “This is a house campaign” checkbox while creating a campaign.

When are the ads delivered to my traffic?

You will as usual need to approve these campaigns if you have “manual approval” settings in place. After approval, the most targeted ad [external or house] will run on your inventory.

Can I block all external campaigns and run only house campaigns?

Our policies prohibit you from blocking all external ads. That means in order for you to be able to continue to use ZestADZ and house campaigns, you will need to approve both external and internal [house]  campaigns and ads.

What are the limitations on house campaigns?

Current limitations are set at 10 million ad impressions per month per publisher / organization. These restrictions are subject to revision in near future.

What is the cost of using the house campaigns feature?

House campaigns is a FREE feature. You can create and run house campaigns without any additional charges within the limitation of 10 million impressions per month.

Where can I get more information or send feedback?

Please visit our website http://zestadz.com OR write to support at support [at] zestadz.com OR call us  +1 (646)-546-5526

We hope that you like this feature. Please do send us your feedback.

Engineering team



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