ZestADZ Mobile Analytics is now in public beta

After more than 3 months of private beta, ZestADZ Analytics has  moved to public beta. We have used these 3 months to gather extensive feedback and improve our solution.  Since we are still in beta, there will be significant new changes coming your way.

Some changes / features:

Analytics data is only generated once in a day: Analytics now generates statistics only once in a day. So when you log on, you can only see yesterday’s data. All data for each will be made only available next day.

All existing ZestADZ username and passwords can be used to see analytics for both publishers and advertisers.

Filled / Unfilled Impressions:  A new feature enables publishers to see detailed breakdown of filled and un-filled inventory. The amount of visitors, break down by handsets, break down by carriers etc can be obtained through this feature. Currently this feature is not enabled for all publishers. To activate this feature, please speak to your Account Manager or write to support [at]  zestadz.com


Advertiser Analytics – See the presentation at  – http://analytics.zestadz.com/static/advertiser_presentation

Publisher Analytics – See the presentation at – http://analytics.zestadz.com/static/publisher_presentation


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