Advertiser XML reports

ZestADZ announces XML Reports for advertisers. Advertisers can now get their reports feed, automatically from ZestADZ via a HTTP request which returns XML data. These reports  can be used to input ZestADZ reports into an external system. These reports are updated hourly and can be used for performance evaluation of ads on ZestADZ.

To get the XML Reports, use the following URL

The  request consists of 2 parameters

Key: It’s a unique value and should not be changed. If any changes are made, the request cannot be completed.

Date: The date can be changed to generate the XML reports for the required date.

In order to get the XML feeds for the date 04-02-2010, the request should be modified as below.

Sample request:


XML report

You can also access the XML reports from your console

Login to your ZestADZ console, and click on the campaign name in reports and then click on “Daily XML report”.

XML screenshot

When clicked on “Daily XML report” the page will redirect you to extract reports for your mobile campaigns.

Please do provide us your feedback at support [at]


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