Locally Targeted Mobile Campaigns / Case Studies

A few months ago, ZestADZ Launched DMA (Designated Market Area) enabling advertisers in the US to target Local customers. Since then, we have in  this pioneering effort, partnered with several brands, agencies and local advertisers to launch several locally targeted mobile campaigns which has been running with varying degrees of success.

Locally targeted mobile campaigns help reach local businesses to the highly mobile customer who is constantly using  smart phones for mobile internet / mobile apps while on the move.

Coupons / Click-to-calls

These locally targeted campaigns are typically discount coupons or some offers that  trigger a call to action which will directly connect the customer with the local business. A call to action such as Click-to-call is typically starts a dialogue with the business owner. Campaigns which have such call to actions tend to perform well given that it is locally targeted and also because it presents with simpler call to actions such as click-to-calls  / coupon downloads etc.

Case Study: A Local Wireless Security System Company Targeting New York, Montgomery and Norfolk

A Local Wireless Security System company aimed at increasing the number of subscribers for their product in their targeted cities like New York, Montgomery and Norfolk. They worked directly with ZestADZ to increase the number of leads and prospect clients.

ZestADZ worked closely with the Client and initiated a click-to-call campaign to attract more number of prospect leads. ZestADZ designed multiple creatives and the campaign was launched on already popular subscription sites. Once the user clicks on an ad, they will be redirected to the landing page where they get an option to call the Toll Free number of the Wireless Security System.

Result: Given the highly targeted users, Advertisers were able to achieve an excellent conversion ratio and met their Cost-Per-Call objectives.

What does Local targeting mean for the Publishers?

Locally targeted campaigns have evolved as great alternatives to subscription driven mobile content based campaigns that are currently predominant on all networks including ZestADZ.

Mobile content subscription based campaigns / companies have been an early adopter of mobile advertising. However – these campaign are not always great news for a publisher as these tend to drive down eCPMs.

At ZestADZ, we believe that the mobile ad ecosystem must eventually be like the web ecosystem with a wide variety of advertisers serving a wide variety of publishers and our push into the locally targeted mobile ad market is a key part of our strategy to bring higher value mobile ad campaigns to help generate better eCPMs for you.

Also important to note is that as a consequence of DMA targeted campaigns, eCPMs and Fill rates have increased significantly for the US market.

How can I launch a DMA (Local) Targeted Mobile Ad Campaign

Logon to your ZestADZ account and click on “Campaigns”. Click on “Start a Campaign” and proceed to create the campaign. In the Targeting section, select “United States DMA” radio button, where you can select your target city and complete the Campaign creation.

Is DMA targeting available for other countries as well?

Currently DMA targeting is available only for US. We will be rolling this out shortly in other key markets.

For more information on DMA Targeting, please visit our website at http://www.zestadz.com or write to support at support [at] zestadz.com.


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