Minor usability enhancements have gone live today

We are happy to announce a number of minor ZestADZ enhancements that went live today. They are summarized below for your feedback:

Simpler Site and Navigation

The ZestADZ Website has been simplified with easier and simpler navigation for new and existing advertisers and publishers.

Section Home Pages

Users who have logged in will now see section pages which list available tools, simplifying navigation and overall usability of the site.

Drop Down Menu Navigation

The Navigation within the ZestADZ application now features drop down menus enabling you to move across the various elements of the site in a much more faster manner.

API Sections

ZestADZ users will now find dedicated API sections which explains available API, parameters and sample results. Users who have logged in will see dedicated sections showing their API Keys (which are required for API access) along with the API pages.

Campaign / Ad / Site or App Rejections

If your Campaign, Ad or Site is rejected, you will now be able to see the reason why it was rejected through a simple popup. Edit the rejected entity to have it reviewed by the ZestADZ team again.

Please send us your feedback to engineering [@] zestadz.com


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