ZestADZ Announces the Launch of Windows Phone 7 SDK Beta

We are excited to announce the launch of Windows Phone 7 SDK Beta Program. With the this early release, Publishers/developers can monetize their upcoming Windows Phone 7 apps using ZestADZ.

Windows Phone 7 has been generating a lot of excitement in the tech community with its great interface, device partnerships and cumulative effort that Microsoft has been putting in. We are excited about it and we believe that Windows Phone 7 ecosystem will be very large and advertising will play a key role in enabling innovation.

ZestADZ aims to be at the forefront of this innovation and hence this SDK. This is our first release, there will be significant upgrades in the coming weeks to fully utilize the power of the new OS.

How to get started?

Download the Windows Phone 7 SDK to integrate and start serving ads.

Once the intergration is complete, please write to us with subject “Windows Phone 7 SDK Test” to support@zestadz.com so that we can set up some test campaigns for your app.

Please note that this is an early release and ZestADZ will continue to upgrades to this SDK in the near term.


ZestADZ is now available on AdWhirl

ZestADZ is now available on AdWhirl Mediation Layer (iPhone only, Android support coming soon). AdWhirl enables publishers to use a mediation layer to route traffic automatically, depending upon the allocation to different networks.

How to use ZestADZ with AdWhirl?

Create an account with ZestADZ

Create a site / app and get the Site Id (also called cid)

Register on AdWhirl ad download the AdWhirl SDK

Add the ZestADZ Site id into the API Key field on AdWhirl

Switch on ZestADZ and enter the traffic percentage as desired.

Download AdWhirl SDK and add the AdWhirl folder into your Xcode Project.  In the AdWhirl folder, you’ll find two files (AdWhirlDelegateProtocol.h, AdWhirlView.h) and three folders (adapters/, internal/, legacy/)

Add TouchJSON into your project.

Download ZestADZ iPhone SDK

ZestADZ provides a universal binary for all iPhone SDK versions. Unzip the downloaded SDK and  drag the ZestADZ  folder into your Xcode Project Folder containing ZestadzDelegateProtocol.h, ZestadzView.h and libZestADZ.a)

Follow instructions given on AdWhirl to complete integration and to compile and run to see ads from ZestADZ.

1.5 years of high growth in South Africa Mobile Ad Market

With the FIFA World Cup, South Africa has got great global exposure. They did deliver the promise of world class venues for the games.  For us, South Africa is important for a different reason.

It has been a great 18+months of being in South Africa’s mobile advertising market. South Africa is one of the key markets in mobile advertising – specific reasons are the huge spends by advertisers presumably because they are also able to recoup the investments well through the services that they are selling to the users.

Key advertisers in South Africa are mobile content / VAS companies but we have been making some inroads into the brand advertising market in South Africa.

South Africa is a key market but we don’t yet have a team on the ground in South Africa and are primarily handling this business from our India centre.

So how much of traffic do we do in South Africa?. A little more than 200 million impressions per month and growing fast..here is a chart indicating the device market share on our network

Looking to advertise to mobile users in South Africa? Get in touch with us by emailing us at advertiser@zestadz.com. You can also create an account on ZestADZ, pay using your credit card, create and launch your campaign in a few minutes.