1.5 years of high growth in South Africa Mobile Ad Market

With the FIFA World Cup, South Africa has got great global exposure. They did deliver the promise of world class venues for the games.  For us, South Africa is important for a different reason.

It has been a great 18+months of being in South Africa’s mobile advertising market. South Africa is one of the key markets in mobile advertising – specific reasons are the huge spends by advertisers presumably because they are also able to recoup the investments well through the services that they are selling to the users.

Key advertisers in South Africa are mobile content / VAS companies but we have been making some inroads into the brand advertising market in South Africa.

South Africa is a key market but we don’t yet have a team on the ground in South Africa and are primarily handling this business from our India centre.

So how much of traffic do we do in South Africa?. A little more than 200 million impressions per month and growing fast..here is a chart indicating the device market share on our network

Looking to advertise to mobile users in South Africa? Get in touch with us by emailing us at advertiser@zestadz.com. You can also create an account on ZestADZ, pay using your credit card, create and launch your campaign in a few minutes.


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