Minor Publisher Upgrades – Sept 2010

Automated Data collection and updates to improve ad targeting:

We have been doing many behind the screen upgrades with the targeting system at ZestADZ where we are building a fairly large scale data collection system to collect key data such as Device / IP / Carrier data where we are currently unable to serve ads and immediately process it into system so that it is available for campaigns shortly thereafter.

Through this upgrade we hope that we can increase publisher fill rates.

Dynamic Bot / Crawler Db + Prevention System

A minor upgrade enabling us to maintain and continuously update our database of identified bots to filter clicks so that the advertiser spend is not unnecessarily wasted due to bots.  Newer bots also are automatically identified by using the above system and then updated into a database of bots. Bots can be blocked with keywords or both user-agent strings or by any suspicious activity on ZestADZ.

Country-wise Reports

We are upgrading the standard XML reporting feed for publishers by adding country-wise breakdown of data.  Watch this space tomorrow for more updates as to how to use this system.

Enhanced Analytics

Watch this space for more information in the near future.


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