South Africa Traffic is Now Available

Most part of this year went by with nearly 100% demand for South Africa Inventory. This demand has partly eased due to changes in regulations regarding billing to customer accounts. Therefore, we are happy to announce the availability of more than 150m impressions in South Africa each month for advertisers to tap into.

The cost per click has also eased due to lowered demand. Write to advertiser [at] to receive a media kit for South Africa and also to speak to a Sales Manager for your South Africa mobile advertising needs.



Digging Deep into Local Data

Since the recent roll out of updated local advertising campaigns feature, we have been focused on extracting useful data for local advertisers.  A lot of that effort which was active for the last few weeks has now been completed. We have successfully rolled out internal analytics that gives better insights into local data.

Local advertisers who would like to understand what kind of channels, impressions and other statistics etc are prevalent in their specific State or City may write to advertiser [at] requesting for this information.

We will be able to provide a broad snapshot including a predicted spend in that region for a given month. Only valid advertiser enquiries will be entertained for now.

Announcement: Improved Local Campaigns Feature

A few months ago, ZestADZ introduced Designated Market Area (DMA) Targeted campaigns feature (also known as local campaigns). We are now happy to announce the launch of an improved Local Mobile Advertising Campaigns feature.

Local  Campaigns enable advertisers to choose specific areas / cities with the use of an map enabling them to click and locate regions where want to advertise. The map automatically selects the available geographies within this region and creates a list below. Advertisers can use local campaigns to target to specific geographies or multiple geographies with ease in a single campaign.

ZestADZ Local campaigns is available only for the US market. To access this feature, go to Campaigns and select Local Campaigns from the drop down menu.  In addition to this, you can choose specific cities by creating a regular campaign and selecting US DMA Targeting option from it.