Measuring Conversions through Pixel Tracking

ZestADZ is happy to announce the availability of conversion tracking for your mobile campaigns using pixel tracking.  Pixel tracking is the process of generating a 1×1 transparent pixel in relevant landing pages which allows ad servers to track the performance of campaigns such as conversions, registrations etc. Conversion tracking can be implemented in any page / site where you would like to measure a registration, a download, a visit to a landing page or any other form of action on your campaign.

Conversion tracking can be implemented in any target landing page that you want using a simple code snippet.

This code snippet needs to be inserted into your mobile web landing page which appears post the action or the point of action which you want to measure.  Here’s a sample code snippet.

<img src=’′  height=’1′ click=’1′ />

For example, if you want to measure visits to a landing page, you can add the code in the landing page. If you want to track registrations, then you can put the tracking pixel in the “Thank You” page which appears after the user has submitted his / her information successfully.

Frequently asked questions

Will copy pasting the above code help me track conversions for the campaigns?

No. The above has sample data. We will generate a specific code for your campaign where the values are relevant for your campaign.

Can I track performance of different campaigns or individual ad units?

Yes, in that case  the values within the code will vary as per your campaign and ad units.

How can I get started?.

Write to your account executive or to our support account – for us to generate the pixel tracking code for your campaign.


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