Meet us at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas – Jan 9-10, 2011

ZestADZ will be at the Affiliate Summit this weekend in Las Vegas. Affiliate Summit West, the premier affiliate marketing conference, is taking place January 9-11, 2011 at Wynn Las Vegas.

This three day conference includes an exhibit hall with affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from affiliate marketing experts.

We will be available on Jan 9th and Jan 10th. Please do write to to schedule a meeting.

Mobile advertising is a powerful medium and ZestADZ can help advertisers and affiliate marketers to drive lead generation through powerful analytics and self service tools.

For more information on ZestADZ, please visit


Announcing ZestADZ Customer Support Center

ZestADZ announces the availability of a comprehensive help desk for its customers, available at the following URL

When you encounter an issue, create a ticket by writing to or by visiting This ticket comes with a unique id so that we can track your issue until its closure.

You can also use the forums to interact with us or discuss your common queries with fellow publishers and advertisers. Our help desk personnel are available to serve you round the clock but we expect responses within a few business hours or at the latest next day.

We will even offer telephonic assistance if required so please do leave us your telephone number so that we can call you back.
We hope to improve the overall quality of service through the launch of the support centre.
Please send us your feedback at twitter (@zestadz) or via

ZestADZ Support

Announcing Local Mobile Advertising Campaigns for Canada

ZestADZ announces the launch of Local Mobile Advertising Campaigns for Canada. Canadian advertisers can use the campaign tools to create mobile campaigns targeting specific geographic regions in Canada.

Local campaigns enable advertisers to choose specific areas / cities with the use of an map based tool, enabling them to click and locate regions where they want to advertise. The map automatically selects the available geographies within this region and creates a list below. Advertisers can use local campaigns to target to specific geographies or multiple geographies with ease in a single campaign.

ZestADZ Local campaigns is now available for both US & Canada.

To access this feature, go to Campaigns and select Local Campaigns from the drop down menu.

South Africa Traffic is Now Available

Most part of this year went by with nearly 100% demand for South Africa Inventory. This demand has partly eased due to changes in regulations regarding billing to customer accounts. Therefore, we are happy to announce the availability of more than 150m impressions in South Africa each month for advertisers to tap into.

The cost per click has also eased due to lowered demand. Write to advertiser [at] to receive a media kit for South Africa and also to speak to a Sales Manager for your South Africa mobile advertising needs.


Announcing the $500 Free trial for Mobile Advertisers in Indonesia

ZestADZ announces the launch of $500 free trial for mobile advertisers / agencies / mobile marketing agencies in Indonesia. If you are already using mobile advertising on other networks or are considering trying mobile advertising, please do write to us at to setup your $500 trial.

This trial is available for a limited period for a few advertisers only.

We believe that we offer significantly better traffic, quality of service and full turnkey solutions to deliver high impact mobile advertising in Indonesia. We are offering this trial to let advertisers try our network and see the results for themselves.

Google Translate version of  the above blog in Bahasa Indonesia:

ZestADZ mengumumkan peluncuran sebesar $ 500 percobaan gratis untuk pengiklan mobile / instansi / lembaga pemasaran seluler di Indonesia. Jika Anda telah menggunakan iklan mobile pada jaringan lain atau sedang mempertimbangkan untuk mencoba iklan mobile, silahkan lakukan menulis ke kami di untuk setup percobaan Anda sebesar $ 500.

sidang ini tersedia untuk jangka waktu terbatas untuk beberapa pengiklan saja.

Kami percaya bahwa kami tawarkan lalu lintas secara signifikan lebih baik, kualitas pelayanan dan solusi turnkey penuh untuk memberikan dampak yang tinggi iklan mobile di Indonesia. Kami menawarkan ini percobaan untuk membiarkan pengiklan jaringan kami mencoba dan melihat hasilnya sendiri.

Apple iPad And Mobile advertising

Apple yesterday announced its highly anticipated tablet PC – the iPad. It was well received and there is now a huge interest in the tablet computing device.

So what impact will iPad have to the mobile advertising industry?. Will it be a positive or a negative impact. We will try to review the impact of the iPad launch to mobile advertising.

Support for iPhone Apps and this means the mobile ad networks have a head start

Apple has enabled all iPhone apps on the iPad. What this means is that several of the mobile advertising (via iPhone SDK ) supported apps that we and the other players in the Industry will continue to be served on the iPad.

This means that the mobile ad networks such as ours ( have a head start and will continue to grow as existing iPhone developers know these mobile advertising SDKs and when they branch out to develop exclusive iPad apps, they will continue to use the same SDKs as mobile ad networks have always in general offered better publishing ROI when compared to Online ad networks.

Applications driven business model

The applications driven business model is already an extremely successful model for Apple.
It has been able to demonstrate that apps can be sold independent of Carriers and built a massive ecosystem around it. It is likely to continue to grow and consolidate this ecosystem in the PC world with the iPad.

Mobile advertising has played an important role in the applications ecosystem as many free mobile apps have been able to monetize themselves through mobile advertising. This trend is likely to continue with the iPad.

Lucrative market of the iPad driven by Gaming, eBooks, Music and Apps will grab the attention of Online Ad networks

There are many useful applications of iPad. And unlike generations of smart phones or other tablet devices which pretended they could do things such as edit Office documents, the iPad actually does all of them and that too very well.

That is enough to grab the attention of online ad networks who definitely do not miss the opportunity out.

Mobile Ad Networks will extend their services to iPad

For mobile ad networks like ZestADZ it is apparent that they will extend their services into the iPad space as it will be an extension to what they are already doing with iPhone and Android.  Especially because a similar model for iPhone has worked very well.

It is also because the iPad (atleast some versions) comes along with 3G connectivity making it the ubiquitous device the iPhone has become.

Blurring of the lines between Online and Mobile Ad Networks

Will the online ad networks adopt an Apple centric strategy for advertising like many mobile networks have already done (think – iPhone campaigns, iPhone SDK, Click-to-App store)? Or will they simply let this game be dominated by mobile ad networks?.

Well whatever happens, we can tell you that iPad launch is definitely going to do one thing. It is going to blur the lines between online ad networks and mobile ad networks and there is going to be increased competition for customer attention.

Launch your mobile campaigns with Device Specific Targeting

We have upgraded our campaign screens to enable levels of targeting. Advertisers can now launch mobile  campaigns by additionally targeting

  • Specific Device Targeting – Choose a single or multiple devices by device names from one or many manufacturers.
  • Device Property and Device OS Level Targeting

With these enhancements it is now possible to reach a specific set of users  you can now execute the following use cases in your mobile advertising campaigns

  • Target users of a specific OS such as Symbian.
  • Target specific Java platforms
  • Launch a campaign that focuses on specific handsets in Nokia [Say E71] and Video capabilities
  • Mix all the above scenarios together with Carrier / Country based targeting


If you have any further questions – please contact us at support [at]

Engineering Team