75% revenue share for Android / iPhone Publishers

This month, we’re launching an offer that publishers cannot refuse. Android / iPhone Publishers will get  75% revenue share payout until 31 Aug 2010.

Since the launch of both Android and iPhone SDK, we have seen interest by publishers in both SDKs. Through this offer, we would like to invite global Android / iPhone developers on our ad network and try our mobile publishing solutions as a way to monetize their apps / games.

So why would you choose ZestADZ?

  • Global Sales Force
  • Best in Class Analytics
  • High Fill Rates
  • Better User Experience for your App with Cached Ads.

So how to get started? Register at http://zestadz.com, download SDK and integrate with your app.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at support [at] zestadz.com


Android Mobile Advertising – ZestADZ Android SDK – Beta Program Launched

androidZestADZ is proud to announce the launch of ZestADZ Android SDK Beta Program. Here are a few key reasons why you should publish your android apps with ZestADZ

You’re joining a large network of mobile app publishers – ZestADZ already has a large network of mobile app publishes who publish mobile ads on J2ME / Symbian / iPhone.

Mobile Analytics included to track your traffic on your android app – ZestADZ comes with a superb analytics solution that will be an important part of your publishing cycle.

We will help you integrate with multiple networks – At ZestADZ – we realize that many times publishers do not want to be tied down to a single mobile ad network. That is the precise reason why we will help you integrate with other networks to fill your unfilled inventory.

– You’re in Control – At ZestADZ you’re in control with powerful mobile advertising tools – Ad approval screens, XML reports, Powerful reporting and analytics – all of this puts absolute control in your hands to control mobile advertising.

– House ads coming soon – We’re launching house ads that will help you cross promote android ads. Keep visiting our blog for more updates at https://zestadz.wordpress.com.

Please write to asha [at] zestadz.com be a part of this program and start publishing Android ads. We will revert back with the SDK and instructions to integrate it with your android app.

The Android SDK will be available for all publishers by third week of November, 2009.