Admob to stop publishing mobile web ads; try out ZestADZ Mobile Advertising

We heard the news a few days back that Admob is going to stop publishing mobile web ads. It would essentially mean that mobile web developers would need to use Adsense to publish ads on mobile.

While Adsense is a great platform, it is still a new platform on mobile.  We believe that there will be some difference  between how Admob worked (as a company, its API) and the support it gave developers vis-a-vis the new offering.

So here’s our offer – please try ZestADZ for monetizing your mobile website.  And why should you use us?

Superb Self Service Platform

Truly transparent / open in sharing the Campaign information, click prices, actual performances through reports and API.  See,

Wide sales reach, 220 people in over 12 countries. See the post of our upcoming blog about this information.

Real time analytics – again – see the upcoming post about this.

Superb customer support: We will be available over the phone or via email. We will always respond to your queries. If you violate our terms, we will not ban you and simply block your account depriving your hard earned money.


Preview of the new ZestADZ Dashboard – feedback required

In the last few weeks, the engineering team has been very busy rolling out exciting and innovative new products which will be rolled out in early 2011.

This features include a dashboard that will help advertisers and publishers, get deeper insight into their campaigns or mobile site traffic more easily.

The new dashboard
The new dashboard brings in big new changes. Firstly, it starts the integration of ZestADZ analytics into ZestADZ as a single product.

The dashboard brings several key metrics available immediately after a publisher or an advertiser has logged into zestadz. These metrics provide a snapshot of activity within a few key time periods.

All charts contain actual data instead of it being an icon that can be reviewed by looking at it more closely. The actual numbers are also displayed below the charts.

Comparisons with previous days and with other campaigns or mobile sites / apps.
One of the key new features is that this dashboard allows us to quick comparisions with previous days. When you select today / yesterday / last 7 days / last 30 days, automatically the current selected data is compared with its previous unit. So for example, if you select last 30 days data, automatically the previous 30 days is compared with the selected 30 days and an icon is used to show whether it is performing better or worse than before.

With the sites / campaigns appearing side by side, you can also measure their own units with each other easily. All of this without any additional navigation or clicks.

The new dashboard allows users to customize the view and save it as their preference. So, the next time you log in, you will see chart, exactly the waNew title goes herey you wanted to see it.

Near real time data
We’re will be launching the dashboard with near real time data available (this should be available across the board including the XML APIs) or at best with a delay of 1 hour.

Feedback – We’d love to hear from you.
The new dashboard will be available in your consoles as a beta release in the next few days. But before that please do send us your feedback to Let us know – what you like, what you dislike about the new dashboard and how we can improve it to suit your requirements.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

ZestADZ Engineering Team

ZestADZ Announces the Launch of Windows Phone 7 SDK Beta

We are excited to announce the launch of Windows Phone 7 SDK Beta Program. With the this early release, Publishers/developers can monetize their upcoming Windows Phone 7 apps using ZestADZ.

Windows Phone 7 has been generating a lot of excitement in the tech community with its great interface, device partnerships and cumulative effort that Microsoft has been putting in. We are excited about it and we believe that Windows Phone 7 ecosystem will be very large and advertising will play a key role in enabling innovation.

ZestADZ aims to be at the forefront of this innovation and hence this SDK. This is our first release, there will be significant upgrades in the coming weeks to fully utilize the power of the new OS.

How to get started?

Download the Windows Phone 7 SDK to integrate and start serving ads.

Once the intergration is complete, please write to us with subject “Windows Phone 7 SDK Test” to so that we can set up some test campaigns for your app.

Please note that this is an early release and ZestADZ will continue to upgrades to this SDK in the near term.

1.5 years of high growth in South Africa Mobile Ad Market

With the FIFA World Cup, South Africa has got great global exposure. They did deliver the promise of world class venues for the games.  For us, South Africa is important for a different reason.

It has been a great 18+months of being in South Africa’s mobile advertising market. South Africa is one of the key markets in mobile advertising – specific reasons are the huge spends by advertisers presumably because they are also able to recoup the investments well through the services that they are selling to the users.

Key advertisers in South Africa are mobile content / VAS companies but we have been making some inroads into the brand advertising market in South Africa.

South Africa is a key market but we don’t yet have a team on the ground in South Africa and are primarily handling this business from our India centre.

So how much of traffic do we do in South Africa?. A little more than 200 million impressions per month and growing is a chart indicating the device market share on our network

Looking to advertise to mobile users in South Africa? Get in touch with us by emailing us at You can also create an account on ZestADZ, pay using your credit card, create and launch your campaign in a few minutes.

Minor usability enhancements have gone live today

We are happy to announce a number of minor ZestADZ enhancements that went live today. They are summarized below for your feedback:

Simpler Site and Navigation

The ZestADZ Website has been simplified with easier and simpler navigation for new and existing advertisers and publishers.

Section Home Pages

Users who have logged in will now see section pages which list available tools, simplifying navigation and overall usability of the site.

Drop Down Menu Navigation

The Navigation within the ZestADZ application now features drop down menus enabling you to move across the various elements of the site in a much more faster manner.

API Sections

ZestADZ users will now find dedicated API sections which explains available API, parameters and sample results. Users who have logged in will see dedicated sections showing their API Keys (which are required for API access) along with the API pages.

Campaign / Ad / Site or App Rejections

If your Campaign, Ad or Site is rejected, you will now be able to see the reason why it was rejected through a simple popup. Edit the rejected entity to have it reviewed by the ZestADZ team again.

Please send us your feedback to engineering [@]

ZestADZ announces the launch of Enhanced API for Mobile Publishers, Advertisers and Mediation Layers

ZestADZ announces the launch of enhanced API that will give full flexibility to advertisers, publishers and mediation layers, enabling them to do a number of key tasks such as ad approvals, extraction of reports etc through a simple HTTP based API.

Publishers or mediation layers will be able to completely automate tasks from within their systems using ZestADZ API  including

– Requesting for Ads
– Looking up the available ads by each country including their bid prices, approval (Updated with more detailed responses)
– Approving or rejecting the ads ( new )
– Accessing publisher reports to monitor performance
– Adjusting the traffic according to the demand / supply

Advertisers can do simple things such as

– Creation of campaigns / ads (new)
– Pausing campaigns / ads (new)
– Accessing campaign / ad reports (new)

Visit our Publisher API and Advertiser API pages for more information

Ad Approval Enhancements

We have rolled out some ad approval changes enabling publishers to view available ads country wise or for a list of selected countries instead of a global view of ads. This is essential as we grow because the listing of available ads has grown tremendously.

The changes are simple:  An additional “Search Country” button is available on the Approve Ads screen enabling publishers to select specific countries.

Select Countries by searching for them and selecting them from the drop down list. Remove any Country whose listing is not required.

Next step: Press “Done” when you have completed the selection. The Ad approval page will reload with the ads only within those selected Countries.

In this screen, you can make changes required in the Country selected filter without going to the previous screen. You can now “Approve” or “Reject” available ads.

As you can see, this whole process makes it a lot easier for publishers to Approve / Reject Ads.

Even though this is a small feature, it is a significant feature that publishers have been requesting and we’re happy to oblige. Send us your feedback at engineering [at] zestadz . com

Engineering Team – ZestADZ